The end of the line.

RapedHost development has ended on the 11th May 2021
I am sad to inform everyone that RapedHost development and life has ended today.
I had a fun time doing this project but due to recent drama and lies that were spread i have decided to close RapedHost, why? My mental health has deteriorated due to all hate spread towards me and other team members.


yOu LoG iP aDrEsSeS tO dOx RaNdOm PeOpLe!!! - not true at all, i never logged anyones ip on rapedhost. Doxing people is really just sick, I am sorry for any dox threats i pointed towards anyone.

Thank You!

Thank you for making RapedHost a magical place for the time it lasted but as everything all good things come to an end sooner or later. RapedHost is finally ended after hitting 160+ user ❤️. The past 2 months of Rapedhost development has made me and my ex dev Luca learn alot. Again thank you. I will miss RapedHost but it had to be ended

Again, this project is closed-source and protected by dmca. If anyone is caught using it without my consent I will take action